Volunteer this Spring Break in Israel

CJP's Alternative Spring Break (ASB) to Israel started in 2011, following the Carmel wildfires outside Haifa. The disaster claimed 44 lives and caused extensive property and environmental damage. During the inaugural ASB trip and subsequent visits, students helped repair damage from the fires and learned about various Boston-Haifa Connection partnership sites. Now in its fourth year, ASB has expanded to include content and activities that go beyond repairing the Carmel region.

About one-third of the trip will involve hands-on, outdoor community service at a number of sites in the Haifa area, including a school and community garden. Another third of the trip will include tours and activities related to Israeli history and Zionism -- "Israel beyond Birthright," as it were. Finally, the remaining content will focus on personal leadership development - through guest speakers, group activities, and a themed Shabbaton in Jerusalem. As you might imagine, there is overlap between these three priorities, and all activities will relate to one or more of them.

This combination of hands-on service, Zionist learning, and personal leadership development is unique to our ASB trip. Participants should be enthusiastic to participate in *ALL* aspects of ASB, understanding the trip's multiple "lenses" and its mix of hands-on service with more traditional learning and introspection.

Before applying to the trip, please read student blogs from last year's ASB, to get a sense of the trip: http://www.israelcampusroundtable.org/asbblog.html

The Boston-Haifa Connection has been changing lives since it was established by CJP and the City of Haifa in 1989. The Connection builds “living bridges” between the sister cities and strengthens the social fabric of both societies. Widely recognized as the strongest sister-city relationship between Israel and the US, the Connection has served as a model for Diaspora Jewish communities looking to have an impact on Israeli society.

To learn more about CJP's commitment to Israel programming on campus, please visit israelcampusroundtable.org.

Dates: Sunday, March 4th - Sunday, March 11th 2018

Cost: only $100 with generous subsidy from Combined Jewish Philanthropies.

Price includes airfare from Boston to Tel Aviv round trip. The trip is 6 days and 6 nights of accommodations in Israel. There will also be several "independent meals" during the course of the program and participants will be responsible for their own transportation to/from the departure station in Boston.

Only 20 spaces on this special mission to Israel - register now to reserve your space in this historic project!


  • This trip is for people that have already visited Israel on an organized program
  • This trip is for Jewish college students
  • Participants must pay a program fee of $100